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Detoxify your body naturally with jumping, juicing and cleansing


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Rinones cleanse

Colon Cleanse

  • 6 Days Colon Cleanse. All natural and organic herbal supplements.
    The Colon Cleanse Program is the most advanced internal cleansing program designed specifically for cleansing the colon in the most thorough and natural means possible. It helps promote optimum health and vitality in several different ways. Read more
Price: $1,100 mexican pesos

Rinones cleanse

Kidney Cleanse

  • 5 Days Kidney Cleanse.  All natural and organic herbal supplements.
    The Kidney Cleanse Program is a specific combination of 2 high-quality herbs in combination with natural ingredients that have been successfully used for thousands of years. It is powerful yet safe and well tolerated. Read more
Price: $600 mexican pesos

Rinones cleanse

Liver Cleanse

  • 4 Days Liver Cleanse. All natural and organic herbal supplements.
    The Liver Cleanse works to cleanse the liver and gallbladder and helps to eliminate existing gallstones. This organic compound is classified as an essential nutrient typically grouped within the Vitamin B complex. Read more
Price: $700 mexican pesos

Rinones cleanse

Whole body cleanse (Colon + Kidney + Liver cleanse)

  • 12 Days Whole Body Cleanse.  All natural and organic herbal supplements.
    The Whole Body Cleanse Program is a combination of  the Colon, Kidney, Liver  Cleansing Programs which thoroughly cleanse and detoxify the whole body and protect and nourish ones entire system. You'll loose weight and have more energy. Read more
    Do it in four days less and save 20%
Price: $1,900 mexican pesos

Elastic handles

Trampoline. New Quarter Fold in Free Carrying Case and Dolly

  • Stronger and lighter than metal frames.
  • No Assembly Required
  • Full 40" diameter
  • Our most innovative and convenient Quarter-Fold design. This revolutionary model is constructed with the latest in composite polymer materials used in aircraft and performance car engines.  Stronger yet lighter than metal frames.  The legs unlock and fold, stowing perfectly into the frame.  The frame folds twice to fit inside the custom carrying case.  The case fits the durable pull dolly for the ultimate in convenience and portability.   Health club quality at an in-home price. Excellent for demonstrations, traveling physical therapists or for those who want the state-of-the-art of Rebound Exercise equipment.  Built to last decades of regular use.  There is no need for a spring cover!  The high caliber, wide belly springs are protected and integrated in the frame itself!  Aggressively tested at 300 lb user weight.  However, it can take up to 400 lb on this Quarter Fold model, The Ultimate Rebound™. Our famous All-Component Lifetime Warranty and Free Wear and Tear Replacement is included. Read more
Price $5,500 mexican pesos

Elastic handles

Exerciser / Stabilizing Bar for the Quarter Fold, Half Fold or Standard ReboundAIR

    Be sure to pick up our unique stabilizing bar to expand your range of exercises and give additional balance. Excellent for rehabilitation, children, first-timers, elderly, disabled, blind or for those who want to get crazy with high kicks!  Easy to assemble.  Fun for all bouncers!
Price$1,500 mexican pesos