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Detoxify your body naturally with jumping, juicing and cleansing


Corine Arnaud
Corine Arnaud is the driving force behind Juice 4 Life. She is committed to educating, instructing and inspiring how to improve their health and fitness through JUMPING, JUICING and CLEANSING.

Corine' story - the road to better health

Corine’ story began 25 years ago when she had a ski injury, broke her knee which caused her health to deteriorate. Confined to bed for months, she underwent surgery twice on her broken knee. After trying several exercise regimes, she discovered a simple yet effective solution – a mini-trampoline rebounder.

During her recuperation period Corine also learned about the lymphatic system, its importance and the ways to maintain it.
Detoxifying ones organs such as the liver, kidney, colon and whole body on a regular basis was the first step. Removing excess chemicals, toxins and waste that our body have accumulated over the years helped to be healthier, lose weight and have more energy. Eventually Corine became a certified lymphologist and developed her own cleansing / detoxifying formulas for the colon, liver, kidney and whole body.

After detoxifying her body, the need to maintain it in a healthier state, had to be resolved. Corine looked into juicing. The juicing of fresh vegetables provided the body with more nutrients and enzymes, than it could obtain by eating the same vegetables. Over the years she was making different juicing recipes affecting different organs of the body and giving them to her friends, relatives and the many who would ask for them.

Corine’ s strong belief that a jumping, juicing and cleansing program was the key to improving our overall health, fitness and mental well being, as well as loosing weight. Offering detoxifying formulas and juicing recipes Corine is committed to providing help to anyone who wants to know how to improve their health.